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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chicago teen on Life Support After Beach Brawl -- And once again, the culprits walk away freely

Friends and classmates of a Chicago-area high school senior were tight-lipped Tuesday evening as they walked into a service to pray for a teen left on life support after a brawl on an Indiana beach.

The 17-year-old, who NBC Chicago is not publicly naming, was caught up in a fight Monday on Long Beach, just northeast of Michigan City, Ind. There's word the clash may have erupted over an ethnic slur related to Independence Day and that the teen was trying to quell the violence.

"They taught their son to be a peacemaker," said neighbor and family friend Peg Sullivan outside St. Barnabas Church, at 10134 S. Longwood Ave., in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood.

She said the boy's parents were very involved in his life. Another neighbor said family members are all in Indiana.

The incident reportedly occurred at a section of beach known as "Stop 26," a location notorious for underage drinking, especially on Independence Day. (read more)