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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Casey Anthony defense team bills state $147,018 so far -- and you're paying nearly EVERY cent of it (oh, he'll also be getting rich from her story)

Now that Casey Anthony's first-degree murder trial is over, what exactly did her publicly funded case cost?

Law enforcement, the Orange County clerk and the State Attorney's Office continue to tally their costs for the time-consuming, high-profile case.

But the most recent figures provided to the Orlando Sentinel by the Justice Administrative Commission — the state entity that doles out money when someone, like Anthony, cannot pay their own way — gives one indicator.

As of Wednesday, Anthony's defense team billed $147,018 for a range of categories, including expert witnesses, mental-health evaluations and court-reporting services.

So far, the state has paid $118,847 of those expenses and determined it will not pay nearly $12,000 of that total. (more)