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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Britons endure 77-minute terror flight as jet engine shoots 30ft flames and repeatedly backfires after take-off from Ibiza - 23rd July 2011

British air passengers were left in fear for their lives on Thursday when an engine of a holiday flight from Ibiza erupted into flames.

A Jet2 Boeing 737-800, flying from Spain to Manchester, developed problems immediately after take-off when it's right jet engine began to misfire.

Shooting repeated tongues of flame at least 30 feet from the back of the engine, and making loud backfiring booms that could be heard from the ground, the plane was diverted to Palma, Mallorca, where it made an emergency landing.

Understandably, a few of the passengers suffered panic attacks during their ordeal, but there were no reports of serious injuries. Read More