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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Border posts torched by mob of Serbs as violence flares in disputed north Kosovo - 28th July 2011

Polish and U.S. peacekeepers exchanged fire with attackers in northern Kosovo last night as tensions threatened to boil over at a border outpost.

The violence erupted hours after Kosovo's special police ended an operation to take over control of two border posts and enforce a ban on imports from Serbia.

A mob of around 200 Serbs hurled firebombs and set a customs point on fire as soon as the Kosovo police withdrew.

Nato responded by sending hundreds of troops to the area to quell the violence, but soldiers came under fire according to spokesman Captain Hans Wichter.

One Kosovo police officer was shot in the head and died during a similar clash on Tuesday with a gang of Serbs.

Cpt Wichter said there was a high risk of further attacks on the border post as around 100 demonstrators remained close to the checkpoint.

Additional French and U.S. troops have been sent to a second post bordering Serbia, which is also under threat.

The violence is a setback for Nato-led efforts to broker a deal that would leave Kosovo officials in charge of the border crossings after special police units and local Serbs remove roadblocks. Read More