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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blast in China's Kashgar kills at least Three including a Policeman - 31st July 2011

An explosion rocked the far-west Chinese city of Kashgar Sunday, killing at least three people including a policeman in the latest in a series of attacks in the region this month, the state-run news agency Xinhua reported.

The explosion came about 16 hours after two other blasts were reported in Kashgar and eight people were killed in a knife attack in the city, in the restive Xinjiang region near Tajikistan.

A group of Uighur exiles from the region said martial law had been imposed in Kashgar and that at least 100 people had been arrested.

Xinjiang is strategically vital to China and Beijing has shown no sign of loosening its grip on the territory, which accounts for one-sixth of China's land mass, holds rich deposits of oil and gas and borders Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Central Asia.

Police apprehended two suspects after Sunday's blast, which also wounded three people, Xinhua said.

There were no other details immediately available and Xinjiang regional officials did not answer calls to land and mobile telephone lines.

Earlier Sunday, Chinese media reported that two men wielding knives attacked a truck driver and then a crowd of people following two explosions in Kashgar Saturday night, leaving eight people dead including one of the attackers, according to, a Xinjiang government-run website, and Xinhua.

One of Saturday's blasts was from a minivan while another occurred in a food market, Xinhua said.

There were no other details from the reports. Source