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Monday, July 25, 2011

Anders Breivik tells judge his terror network has two more cells and says he acted to save Europe from Islam

Anders Breivik today told a court his terror network had two more cells at large as he appeared in court charged with mass murder.

Wearing a red jumper, the 32-year-old killer admitted responsibility for the attacks but denied that he was guilty of any criminal charges.

He claimed he had not been trying to kill as many people as possible but instead wanted to send out a 'sharp signal to the people' and to 'stop the takeover of Muslims and Marxists.'

Breivik was driven to the Oslo hearing in an armoured police convoy. A huge crowd of people were gathered outside the courthouse and jeered as the cavalcade arrived.

Some attempted to bang the cars in fury and screamed 'traitor'. Police eventually bundled Breivik into the building through an underground tunnel, avoiding the full fury of the crowd.

He was taken into 828, on the eighth floor of the building - closed to the public to avoid giving Breivik a platform for his extremist views - at around 1.45pm for a hearing that lasted just 35 minutes. (more)