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Monday, July 25, 2011

All I can see is him killing my friends: How cruel trick of the 'bogus policeman' lured his victims into the open so he could shoot them - 25th July

The gunman had been shooting from the shoreline for about 20 minutes. Then there was silence.

It lasted ten minutes before a voice rang out across the fjord: ‘I am anti-terror police. Come out wherever you are hiding – come out of your hiding places... there is a fast boat here to take you to the mainland.’

But it was a grotesque trick. Shots rang out again as Anders Breivik opened fire on the terrified young men and women who emerged from hiding, thinking they were being saved.

One of those young men was 22-year-old Thorbjorn Vereide. Shivering at the memory, he recalled yesterday: ‘As I stand here now all I can see is him killing my friends – I still don’t know how many close friends I have lost.’

Mr Vereide, 22, had been working in the cafe on Utoya Island when he heard the first shots. He ran towards the nearby meeting hall where the gunman had first opened fire – and watched as students were cut down.

‘He was an insane maniac with a handgun and a rifle – and he was just shooting my friends,’ he said. ‘I only survived because I hid in the water and then made it to a cave on the shoreline.’

The rocks cut his feet as he tried to evade detection in the water, he said.

‘I ended up about 15 yards from Breivik and kept ducking under the waves so he could not see me,’ he said, ‘But inevitably I could not keep under the water for long periods and eventually he did see me and fired at me.’

‘I then swam to a little cave with some others and we managed to clamber into the safety of the rocks. As we did so he fired at me again and a bullet ricocheted off a rock. We all went deeper into the caved area and waited. Read More