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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

70-Year-Old Woman Chases Naked Intruder Out of her Home with a Baseball Bat - 26th July 2011

Reader Contribution:

A 70-year-old grandmother says she used a baseball bat to chase a naked intruder out of her Manchester home.

Police said the woman told investigators she was awakened early Sunday morning and found the man in the upstairs hallway.

In television interviews, the woman -- who asked to be identified herself only as "Bonnie" -- said she grabbed the bat and ordered the intruder to leave. When he did not, the woman said she hit him with the bat and chased him out of the home.

Police said the man apparently broke into the home through a window, took off his clothes and ate some food in the kitchen. Nothing else was found missing from the home.

No arrest has been made. Read More