Friday, June 17, 2011

'Send explosive mail to the best target': Al Qaeda hit list of U.S. officials posted on website - 17th June 2011

Al Qaeda have posted a hit list of targets that include names and photos of U.S. officials specifically linked to Iraq and urged terrorists to target them in their own homes.

As soon as the list was posted on the Al Qaeda-linked website, the Department of Homeland Security sent out an internet alert warning.

The site, Ansar al-Mujahideen, is a forum for terrorists around the world and is one of the top ten outlets distributing jihadi propaganda.

The list includes Defence Department officials, names of officers of defence contractors, members of Congress and private individuals.

The list could mark an alarming new phase in terror plots and the FBI also sent out a new intelligence bulletin to law enforcement agencies warning that the new web-based threat, while not a specific plot, is very detailed.

All the individuals involved have been warned and are said to include leaders 'in government, industry and media' though the FBI said it is unknown if the threat will progress beyond any discussion forums.

According to NBC New York, 40 specific names have been mentioned, 26 of which have photos attached and they call for posting addresses. Read More