Friday, June 24, 2011

Neil Langmead faces 30 years in prison for killing his wife and her best friend - 23rd June 2011

A 'domineering and controlling' builder has been jailed for life for the brutal double murder of his estranged wife and her best friend in a frenzied sex attack.

Neil Langmead, 41, repeatedly stabbed and sexually assaulted Deborah Langmead and Donna St John, both 35, and mothers of two children.

The women were found almost side by side in the blood-soaked kitchen of a burning house in Barnstaple, Devon.

Mrs Langmead had been stripped from the waist down and sexually mutilated by her husband, either as she lay unconscious or after she was dead.

After a jury at Exeter Crown Court returned its guilty verdict, Langmead slumped in the dock with his head in his hands.

The trial had heard Langmead, who had a long history of domineering behaviour towards his wife, had been unable to accept that she was starting divorce proceedings.

A week before the killing he was even issued with a warning by police for harassment.

Mrs Langmead even had extra bolts put on the doors of the house to make her feel safer.

The couple, who both had two children from previous relationships, first started dating in 2005.

The jury was told that he had been issued with a warning by police for harassment a week before the killings for following his wife and sending her hundreds of text messages. Read More