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Friday, June 24, 2011

Lost tribe of 200 found in Amazon spotted by satellite - 24th June 2011

Government officials in Brazil have confirmed the existence of an uncontacted population in the Amazon rainforest after the tribe of 200 was spotted by satellite.

Three large clearings were identified in a southwestern area near the Peruvian border this week, but the tribe's existence was only verified after airplane expeditions in April gathered more data.

Local government agency the National Indian Foundation uses the aircraft to avoid disrupting isolated groups.

Brazil has a policy of not contacting such tribes but working to prevent the invasion of their land to preserve their autonomy.

The government agency, known by its Portuguese acronym Funai, estimates 68 isolated populations live in the Amazon.

The most recently identified tribe live in four large, straw-roofed buildings and grow corn, bananas, peanuts and other crops.

According to Funai, preliminary observation indicates the population likely belongs to the pano language group, which extends from the Brazilian Amazon into the Peruvian and Bolivian jungle.

The community is near the border with Peru in the massive Vale do Javari reservation, which is nearly the size of Portugal and is home to at least 14 uncontacted tribes. Read More