Friday, June 17, 2011

Jerry Wayne Steele a Child molester Shoots Cecilia Mortensen A Volore,14, and her Mother .. after he is told that he would spend his Life in Jail

An accused child molester took horrific revenge on his young victim and her mother after learning he would spend the rest of his life in prison for the sexual abuse.

Jerry Steele shot his alleged 14-year-old victim in the face and also shot her mother in the head after his lawyers warned him he was facing decades in jail.

The 60-year-old tracked down Ashley Volore and her daughter Cecilia Mortensen to their trailer park home in California, where he gunned them down.

He later took his own life.

The teenager, who allegedly endured four years of abuse, has been declared brain dead at Sutter Coast Hospital.

She is being kept alive so that her organs can be harvested to save others.

Her 49-year-old mother is in a serious condition, but is expected to survive.

Police in Crescent City, California, said Steele embarked on his revenge mission after attending a case conference over his seven felony child molestation charges.

He had been told under a plea deal he would serve decades in prison.

Steele, who was free on $250,000 bail, drove over 400 miles to seek out his victim and her mother and had been attempting to kidnap them.

Police said when the mother and daughter put up a struggle he shot them both in the head.

Steele later shot himself as police closed in on him as she sat in his rental car.

Officials said the plea deal that would mean Steele could die in prison caused him to seek revenge. Read More