Friday, June 17, 2011

Hundreds Of Dead Fish In River Des Peres, State of Missouri - 16th June 2011

Hundreds of dead fish are floating in the river Des Peres in South St. Louis. The state has investigated to determine if it was caused by man or nature.

Neighbors who live around the river told News 11 they first spotted the dead fish floating in the river on Wednesday. Hundreds of dead fish stretch for more than a half mile North of Gravois. MSD owns the section of the river. They say they hired crews to spray weed killer and they double checked today and say the crews did use a chemical that does not threaten wildlife. Conservation experts say when the rising Mississippi backs up into the river Des Peres the water can stagnate, lose the oxygen and the fish die, a disturbing sight to people who live nearby.

"I think something's wrong something disturbing because there shouldn't be dead fish floating everywhere." said Kathy Shaver. Source