Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hazardous material in West Point, Georgia bathroom sends 14 to hospital -- cause unknown, rescue teams also fell ill, and now story is being buried

West Point officials are searching for a suspect they say may be responsible for causing 14 other people to be sent to the hospital.

Witnesses inside the Shell gas station on Highway 18 in West Point say a man walked into the restroom of the store and then ran out of the building around 8:00 pm.

Officials say all the people in the store including workers and customers began to have breathing problems, nausea, or vomiting.

West Point Fire Chief Milton Smith says when EMS arrived on scene they called for fire crews because they became sick as well. Smith says that is when the hazardous materials team was called in.

The hazardous materials team has gone in and not identified any fluids, powders, or any kind of mist or aerosols at all. They've got all clear reading on the air samples they have taken. So, really we've got an unknown substance by an unknown subject," said Smith

Smith says everyone who was in the building was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

He says West Point law enforcement and GBI were also on scene investigating. (Source)

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