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Friday, June 17, 2011

George Papandreou, Greek PM Vows To Stay On To Fight Debt Crisis - 16th June 2011

The Greek Prime Minister has vowed to stay on and fight to pull his country out of a crippling debt crisis following violent riots over his widely unpopular austerity measures.

George Papandreou admitted his government had displayed "mistakes and weaknesses" but promised a new, stronger Cabinet in a reshuffle.

"We will prevail and we will hold on," he told party lawmakers in an emergency meeting in parliament.

"We have as a country in the past successfully faced major crises. As hard as this struggle is, we cannot run away from our fight.

"We will fight and we will win, for Greece, its people and the future of the new generations."

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister announced he would reshuffle Cabinet - the same day the centre of Athens descended into chaos when a rally of up to 40,000 people turned violent.

Officers in riot gear used tear gas in their struggle to regain control of the capital's main square, where masked demonstrators demolished walls, throwing bricks, bottles and furniture.

The protest began peacefully at first light as organisers tried to form a human circle around the parliament building in a bid to prevent MPs debating an austerity package designed to rescue Greece's battered economy. Read More