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Friday, June 17, 2011

Family of terror suspect given free travel tickets to visit him PAID for by the Taxpayer (because of their human rights)

Image: The terrorist went to a camp organised by Mohammed Hamid - who calls himself 'Osama Bin London'

Taxpayers must pay train fares and taxi bills so that a terror suspect’s family can visit him after he was banned from the capital, a High Court judge has ordered.

Mr Justice Simon decided that because the Islamic extremist has been barred from London under anti-terror laws, he had lost his family life and had no friends.

To compensate for the breach of his human right to a family life, the Government should provide tickets when his wife and two children go to see him.

His judgment amounts to a further extension of the reach of Article 8 of the European Human Rights convention, which guarantees the right to private and family life.

Under Labour’s Human Rights Act, Article 8 has been used to free criminals, prevent deportations, allow assisted suicide and bring in a privacy law.

The ruling means that the family of the terrorist will get help from the Home Office to pay £40-a-trip coach or railway fares between Tottenham, North London, and the Midlands where he is exiled. Taxpayers must also meet taxi costs at both ends. Read More