Friday, June 24, 2011

Casey Anthony's mother drops a bombshell as she testifies for the defense 'I'M the one who Googled chloroform' - 23rd June 2011

Casey Anthony’s own mother attempted to blow up prosecution evidence against her daughter today as she claimed that she was the one who looked up facts about chloroform on the family’s home computer.

In a stunning twist to the state’s accusation that Casey researched the dangerous compound three months before using it to overpower her two-year-old daughter Caylee, Mrs Anthony revealed that she had herself pulled up Internet pages about chloroform in March 2008, seeking health information relating to her pets.

In testimony that prosecutors later challenged aggressively, Mrs Anthony said that her web searches – previously aired in court as part of the state’s evidence that Casey planned her daughter’s June 2008 murder – resulted from her initially looking up chlorophyll, the substance that gives plants their colour.

'I was concerned about my smallest Yorkie – we have two Yorkie puppies. The smallest one was having some issues where she was extremely tired all the time. Both of the dogs would eat the bamboo leaves out the back so I started looking up sources from the back yard that could cause her to be more sleepy, and I started with ‘chlorophyll’ and that prompted me to look up ‘chloroform’' Mrs Anthony testified in court.

'Looking at chlorophyll, there’s some bacteria associated with chloroform. It comes from different species of plants that have red and brown colour, and that prompted me to look up chloroform because some species naturally produce chloroform.' Read More

State attorney Diane Drane-Burdick appeared visibly angry and cynical as she tore into Mrs Anthony’s evidence, clawing back some ground. She pointed out that Mrs Anthony’s employment records showed her as having been at work at the times and dates that the home computer searches were made

'I don’t recall typing in ‘How to make chloroform’,' Mrs Anthony ceded, also accepting that she had not been responsible for other searches found by FBI computer analysts on the family’s home computer, such as ‘self defence,’ ‘how to make household weapons,’ ‘shovel’ and ‘neck breaking.’

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