Friday, June 24, 2011

Aimi Eguchi Japanese Singing Sensation isn't real: How Japanese music producers fooled thousands of fans with computerised singer - 24th June 2011

To her thousands of fans she was the perfect pop star.

But scratch beneath the coiffed hair and delicate features of Japanese singing sensation Aimi Eguchi and all was not well.

The sickly-sweet pop idol had actually been computer generated from composite pictures of six of the most attractive members of the band AKB48. Her high-pitched voice merely an auto-tuned actor's.

Fans who followed the supposedly 16-year-old star in the Japanese girl group have been shocked by the revaluation.

Earlier this year Aimi joined the musical group AKB48 which has become a musical sensation in Japan.

The 61 group members make daily performances at a theater in Tokyo while thousands of teenage girls compete to become new members. They also star in a hit TV show.

Aimi’s AKB 48 profile said that she was 16,competed in track and field, and that she was from Saitama, a prefecture on the island of Honshu. It also said Aimi had debuted in a photoshoot for Shueisha’s Weekly Playboy magazine.

But dedicated followers of the group became suspicious when Aimi was initiated as a lowly trainee but within a short time had starred in a candy advert alongside the group's most established members.

Eagle-eyed fans even realised that her birthday on February 11 was the same date that the candy company she was advertising, Ezaki Glico, was founded. Read More