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Thursday, May 19, 2011

WTF!! He said what?? Banning wild animals from circuses could breach Human Rights, claims environment Minister Jim Paice - 19th May 2011

Daily I get more worried hearing that Dreadful term 'Human Rights' it's a cop-out for the stupid, criminals and rich.

Why Don't we hear people fighting for the Victims, why is it always the accuser that has his or her 'Human Rights' violated? The System is a Joke and a very bad one at that.

Banning the use of wild animals in circuses could be in breach of the Human Rights Act, a junior minister claimed today.

To howls of laughter from the Labour benches, environment minister Jim Paice said a case was being prepared by the European Circuses Association against the Austrian government after it banned the use of performing animals.

He said an earlier statement that the case was already moving through the courts was inaccurate but his clarification did not change the Government's legal position on any ban.

Mr Paice said: 'The very strong legal advice which we have received, and which is consistent with the case being prepared against Austria, is that a total ban on wild animals in circuses might well be seen as disproportionate action under the European Union Services Directive and under our own Human Rights Act.'

Mr Paice added: 'To have pursued a ban in light of that legal advice we believe would have been irresponsible.'

But shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh said 'the big top was spinning out of control' at the Environment Department as ministers did not seem to know whether there was currently a legal challenge.

She challenged the Government to place the legal advice it had received in the Commons library so it could be scrutinised by MPs.

'On the legal cases that don't exist and hiding behind human rights legislation, it is this department which is pathetic,' she said. Read More