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Thursday, May 19, 2011

‘Whitebirk Witches’ who terrorised neighbourhood are given taxpayer-funded bowling, cinema and canal trips 'to stop them re-offending' - 19th May

Two teenage girls who terrorised an estate leaving one man too scared to turn on his house lights are being taken to the cinema and on canal boat trips to stop them re-offending.

Amanda Holt, 16, and Tori Duxbury, 15, who led a ladette gang called the Whitebirk Witches, harassed families and provoked brawls of up to 30 people.

But now the pair, and other troublemakers who all have Asbos, are being sent on a number diversionary activities, including trips to the cinema, bowling alley, playing in football matches and even going on a canal boat.

Police and local officials defended the move as it also emerged the gang are being allowed to congregate at a local community centre, despite their Asbos..

Holt and Duxbury have been ordered to attend a programme designed to reform yobs. The teenage tearaways are banned from being in public together, but Asbo rules do not apply at the community centre in Blackburn, Lancashire, where it is being held.

But neighbours say the centre has become a hotspot for trouble. Police have been repeatedly called to the centre as the girls, along with Asbo brothers Paul and David Stafford, have become the ringleaders of a group involved in stone-throwing, intimidation and nuisance. Read More