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Monday, May 9, 2011

U.S. demands access to Osama bin Laden's three widows as speculation continues over Pakistan's ties to Al Qaeda chief - 9th May 2011

The United States has demanded that Pakistan hand over Osama bin Laden's three widows whom it has held since the daring U.S. commando raid on the terror chief's home last week.

National Security Adviser Tom Donilon renewed the plea on U.S. television yesterday, adding that he also wanted to see any intelligence material left behind at the compound in Abboattabad.

Soaring tensions between the two countries deepened further as Pakistani authorities dismissed U.S. claims that the compound was al-Qaeda's 'active control and command centre' as 'bull****'.

Information from the women, who remained in the house after the Navy SEALs killed Bin Laden, might answer questions about whether Pakistan harboured the Al Qaeda chief, as many American officials are speculating.

Although Mr Donilon said his government had seen no evidence that Pakistan had colluded with Bin Laden - the public line of most U.S. officials - he said it was something 'they need to investigate'.

He told NBC's Meet the Press: 'And they need to provide us with intelligence, by the way, from the compound that they've gathered, including access to Osama bin Laden's three wives, whom they have in custody.' Read More

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