Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tori Duxbury, 15, and Amanda Holt, 16, the ‘Whitebirk Witches’ - Girl Gang leaders Left Residents too Scared to Sleep or Go Out - 10th May 2011

Two teenage girls terrorised their community so badly that they left one neighbour too terrified to switch on the lights in his home at night and a teenage boy frightened of sleeping in his own bedroom.

Tori Duxbury, 15, and Amanda Holt, 16, were nicknamed the ‘Whitebirk Witches’ after leading a girl gang that spread misery through their neighbourhood.

The teenagers caused brawls involving crowds of up to 30, hurled abuse at residents and daubed anti-police slogans on walls.

Yesterday, however, after police lost patience with their stone-throwing, insults and vandalism, the pair were named and shamed and told they faced Asbos and a potential prison sentences if they didn’t fall into line.

The duo called themselves the ‘Whitebirk Bitches’ after the deprived area of Blackburn where they carried out their campaign of abuse.

They daubed ‘WBB’ on their faces and sprayed it on to walls to show the territory of their girl gang, which has members as young as ten.

One man aged 48 was regularly tormented by the girls, who gathered outside his home to tease and mock him and make obscene gestures.

He was so traumatised he refused to switch on lights for fear of attracting their attention, instead using the glow of his mobile phone screen to find his way around at night.

Only after checking the coast was clear would he even brave a short walk to the shop for a bottle of milk.

Another family bought a new bed so the father could sleep in the same room as his frightened teenage son who was traumatised by the constant bang of footballs kicked against the window by the gang.

The girls also showed their defiance on Facebook, with Duxbury creating an offensive page littered with foul language challenging rival girl gang Great Big Giants to a fight.

When she was arrested, Duxbury posed for her police mugshot with ‘WBB’ still emblazoned across her cheeks in pen.

Yesterday both girls were ordered to abide by the terms of interim Asbo orders. Read More