Monday, May 2, 2011

Timeline: Osama bin Laden operation -- body conveniently and quickly buried at sea: why?

The operation that led to the killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden took shape after detainees identified a trusted bin Laden courier as someone who may have been living with and protecting the militant leader, senior administration officials told reporters.

That courier became a key lead in locating bin Laden, the officials said.

The officials provided details on the origins of the operation and the raid that led to bin Laden's killing:

* Four years ago: Officials uncovered the courier's identity.

* Two years ago: Investigators identified areas of Pakistan where the courier and his brother lived.

....and so on and so forth, until we reach the interesting conclusion:

* Intelligence on bin Laden was not shared with Pakistan and other countries.

* After the raid, U.S. officials briefed Pakistani and other world leaders.

* Bin Laden has been buried at sea and his body was handled in the Islamic tradition. The officials but did not elaborate. (read more)