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Monday, May 2, 2011

Tanks shell centre of Syrian city as death toll in violent anti-government protests hits 535; Why aren't the UN Protecting us?

Syrian tanks have fired into the old quarter of Daraa for the first time as more reinforcements rolled into the under siege city.

Daraa has been without water, fuel or electricity since Monday when government troops backed by tanks and snipers were sent in to crush protests against President Bashar Assad's rule.

It comes as British Prime Minister David Cameron condemned the violence as 'completely disgraceful and unacceptable'.

Videos have since emerged of government troops purportedly firing on protesters while other footage shows teenagers struggling to aid wounded comrades under a hail of machine gun fire.

Daraa residents said today Syrian authorities are carrying out a wave of arrests in the city in their latest move to crush the protests.

The residents said they had seen packed busloads of handcuffed and hooded young men being taken in the direction of a large detention centre in the city run by the security services.

'They are arresting all males above 15 years. They only have old security tactics and they are acting on revenge,' said a prominent lawyer in Daraa who did not want to be further identified.

'Bullets are their response to the people's revolt. The security forces who came to Daraa told us "Go buy bread from a bakery called Freedom. Let's see if it feeds you",' he added. Read More