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Monday, May 23, 2011

Syrian forces shoot dead at least five mourners and injure dozens at funeral procession - 22nd May 2011

Syrian security forces have shot dead at least five people after opening fire on a massive funeral procession for eight anti-government protesters killed the day before.

The violence took place in Homs at the city's Nasr cemetery yesterday where tens of thousands of people turned out to mourn the dead.

Witnesses said the shooting began as mourners started to leave the cemetery and dozens of people wounded.

Some reports say up to 11 people were killed although this has not been confirmed.

It follows Friday's violence when 44 people were shot dead - including a 10-year-old boy - as mass protests swept the country after prayers.

The latest bloodshed has pushed the death toll to over 900 lives raising questions over whether sanctions and harsh words from the U.S. and its allies will stop President Bashar Assad's regime from using extreme force to crush the biggest challenge to its 40-year-rule.

The turnout for Friday's demonstrations - and the deadly response by the regime - was the latest sign the conflict could be moving toward a dangerous stalemate with neither side able to tip the scales.

Assad's forces have continued to unleash tanks and snipers and made thousands of arrests to break the revolt, but protesters continue to face down security forces. Read More