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Monday, May 2, 2011

San Diego Attorneys Continue Court Battle Challenging President Obama's Citizenship: Hearing was today, but will anyone notice now Osama is dead?

Have we just witnessed one of the biggest distraction events in recent memory? While America cheers over Osama's "death", another big event was set to unfold today, but will likely not get any notice. How convenient.

The release of President Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate has not satisfied the North County attorney who said he will press ahead with his case before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday.

Gary Kreep says that he and Orly Taitz, a dentist and attorney from Rancho Santa Fe, will appear in federal appellate court in Pasadena on Monday to argue their case questioning the president's citizenship and the validity of his birth certificate.

Kreep, of Ramona, and Taitz are scheduled to appear in court Monday petition the court to allow forensic experts to examine the president's birth certificate, which was released this week.

''We're not sure that's an actual copy of the birth certificate ,' 'Kreep said. (read more)