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Monday, May 9, 2011

RAF in bombing raid on Gaddafi's home town as rebels deny surrendering in key battleground - 9th May 2011

RAF fighter planes have destroyed Libyan missile launchers during a bombing raid on Colonel Gaddafi's home town, the Ministry of Defence said.

Two Tornado planes attacked FROG-7 rocket launchers and canisters used to carry Scud missiles on Friday morning at the site near the Libyan city of Sirte.

The FROG-7 can fire rockets up to 70km and would pose a serious threat to civilians if used against an urban area, the MoD said.

The latest development comes as Nato targeted a Libyan government weapons depot, while heavy fighting was reported near Libya's Misrata Airport.

Rebels in Misrata denied Libyan state TV reports that they had surrendered to the government as conflicts around the area intensified.

The Scud missiles which were hit in Gaddafi's home town can strike targets up to 300km away and can carry a one-tonne warhead.

The targets were identified during previous reconnaissance flights.

Defence Secretary Liam Fox said: 'I have no doubt that this stockpile of weapons could have been used to threaten and kill innocent Libyans.

'We continue to degrade and destroy a range of military assets including tanks, armoured personnel carriers and rocket launchers that threaten the civilian population.

'This hugely successful mission is an example of how we are stepping up our strikes on Gaddafi's forces that continue to attack the Libyan people.

'The international coalition is resolute in its UN mandated task of protecting the civilian population.'

Around 30-40 Scud canisters used to transport Scud missiles were struck in the raid. Read More