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Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden death photo captured from Al Jazeera: WARNING GRAPHIC -- BREAKING NEWS (But is the photo current? Authentic?)

View the entire gallery of Al Jazeera images here.

A close up:

Update: The Coming Crisis has concluded that this photo is indeed not authentic. Thanks to our observant readers and a helpful link from Greg Goss from The Guardian stating that the main stream media is (purposefully) spreading this fake photo of Osama's death around.

The Coming Crisis calls upon all readers to ask themselves: why would fake photos being disseminated by the media? Why is there no body (aside from the story of a body being dumped in the sea)? Why is there no release of authentic evidence by the US government? As always, we at the Coming Crisis want you to ask questions, and ask you to report your findings to us so we can add it to our investigation of the matter.