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Monday, May 23, 2011

New commenting rules -- everyone read, thanks!

The commenting rules for the website (should you like your comment to remain posted) have been changed to streamline discussions, and are now as follows:

(1)No links in comment text unless you have prior permission. Period. Generic comments hiding commercial links in poster names will be sniffed out by a team of blood hounds, with the offenders rounded up and sent to FEMA camps where they'll spend long, grueling workdays washing Obama's golf balls.
(2)No swearing.
Yes, we're all adults here, and adults know how to communicate without swearing. First offense will be a bar of soap. Second offense will be a bar of soap in a sock, a-la Full Metal Jacket.
(3)Please contact us by email rather than through the comments. This includes pointing out typos or errors. We have no problem with you pointing them out for us (and actually encourage you to), but please do so through the proper channel. We don't usually set foot in the comments sections of posts because we believe that forum belongs to our readers for free and open discussions.

As always, we read and appreciate every single comment, and encourage you to take part in the discussion. Thanks everyone!