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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Leah June Rabon, 20, was arrested and charged as she 'left her nine-month-old baby alone to go on a date at the bowling alley' - 25th May 2011

A mother left her nine-month-old son home alone while she went to the bowling alley on a date, police say.

Leah June Rabon, 20, from Pensacola, was arrested on Monday night after authorities received an anonymous tip off that she left her baby home alone.

She was charged with cruelty towards a child and child neglect and held without bail.

Escambia County Sheriff's Office said that on Monday night, deputies went to the Enterprise Drive Apartments at 6111 Enterprise Drive after they received a tip that the child may have been left alone in Rabon’s apartment.

Deputies tracked down Rabon’s cell phone number, contacted her and confirmed that her son was inside the residence without supervision.

Deputy Chris Welborn said: 'Once we determined that an infant was inside the apartment we made a forced entry into the unit. We found the baby asleep in his bedroom and, thankfully, he was healthy.'

Rabon allegedly admitted that she had left her son for about two hours to go on the date at the local bowling alley.

The Florida Department of Children and Family services placed the child into the custody of maternal grandparents. Source