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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Krittika Biwas, 18, The Daughter of an Indian diplomat, sues NYPD for $1.5m over false arrest for cyberbullying teachers - 25th May 2011

The daughter of an Indian diplomat is suing police for $1.5m for having to use a toilet in front of cellmates after she was falsely arrested over cyberbullying claims.

Krittika Biswas, 18, was pulled out of class at John Bowne High School in Queens, New York, handcuffed and then spent 28 hours in a police cell.

Accused of sending abusive emails to her teachers, the innocent teenager claims she was banned from using a private toilet while in custody.

'Eventually, I had to go in front of everyone,' she told the Times of India, referring to a small communal toilet in the cell she shared with others.

During her ordeal, Miss Biswas was allegedly told by police she would be sent to prison and share cells with prostitutes and inmates with HIV if she did not confess.

Charges against the daughter of Debashish Biswas, vice consul at the Indian Consulate in Manhattan, were later dropped but her school insisted on sending her to a suspension teaching centre for one month after the February arrest.

Announcing her intention to sue the NYPD after an 18-year-old male student was found to be the culprit, Miss Biswas said she was 'broken down' by the incident.

'I was walked out of school in handcuffs in front of everybody. I was very broken down after this,' the New York Post reported.

The culprit has since avoided police action over the case because the school has declined to press charges and has not been suspended from the school, it was reported. Read More