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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jordy Marmolejo, Three, Drowns after Falling into Tank of Cooking Oil as he Plays at Father's Store - 18th May 2011

A three-year-old boy drowned after falling through a manhole and into an underground tank of used cooking oil.

Jordy Marmolejo fell into the tank used to store waste oil as he played behind his father's food market in Vineland, New Jersey.

The manhole cover had been removed as employees prepared to work on the pit.

Employees at the store saw Jordy fall into the five foot deep pit but could not find him in the oil.

After 15 minutes firemen using poles found Jordy and pulled him from the tank but he was in cardiac arrest and died in hospital.

The tank was filled with 'brown greasy fluid' including kitchen waste and used cooking oil.

Fire Captain Anthony Baldosaro said: 'You couldn't see into it. It was just a sludgy material.

'We stirred the poles around until we felt a little bump. Then we latched him on to the poles and pulled him up.'

Relatives and store employees watched as the firemen tried to retrieve the boy.

'It was a very tense scene as you would expect,' said Mr Baldosaro.

'There's always that glimmer of hope that everything will work out. We did all the heroics we possibly could to revive the child. Unfortunately it didn't work out."

Police say no charges will be pressed over the accident.

Captain Rudy Beu told the local press: 'This is just a tragic, tragic accident. The police department's thoughts and prayers go out to the family.' Read More