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Thursday, May 26, 2011

James Allen, QC A High Court judge 'beat up his wife because she hadn't cooked his dinner' - 26th May 2011

A respected High Court judge battered his wife in a fit of temper after being forced to do without his dinner while she comforted their cleaner over a personal problem, a court heard yesterday.

James Allen, QC, had worked on a case file in his bedroom for 90 minutes until he heard the cleaner leave and then ticked off his wife Melanie, 44, for inviting her over.

The prosecution claim that Allen, 61, then assaulted his wife of 14 years by striking her in the face.

The judge denies assault and told Bradford Magistrates’ Court she caused her own injuries by punching herself in the face three times during a ‘heated’ argument.

Yesterday, his wife gave evidence in his defence, saying: ‘I hit myself with my fists in my face.’

But although the couple both say she was responsible for her injuries, the prosecution don’t accept this version of events. They insist Allen assaulted his wife and that both are lying in court.

An eight-year-old child, who was in the house at the time, made a 999 call and told the operator Allen was ‘trying to kill’ Mrs Allen, – a barrister who works as a Deputy Coroner.

A recording of the call was played in court and the couple can be heard arguing in the background.

Mrs Allen: ‘Look at me, look at what you have done to me you stupid man.’

Allen: ‘I haven’t done anything.’

Mrs Allen: ‘Yes you have, you did all of that to me.’

Allen: ‘I have not done that.’

Mrs Allen: ‘You have done all of this to me you stupid idiot.’

Allen: ‘Tell the police all the lies you want.’ Allen drove off to spend the night at his parents’ house ten miles away. He was contacted by police the next day and was arrested and locked in the cells when he went to the police station.

Giving evidence yesterday, Allen, a High Court judge for more than ten years, said his wife had a history of self-harming and was previously admitted to hospital after cutting her wrists. Read More