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Monday, May 23, 2011

Inner circle member of Family Radio says Camping owes apology to public - 23rd May 2011

The backlash is complete, almost, for failed doomsday soothsayer Harold Camping. Even as the world is waiting to hear from the false prophet, a member of his inner circle has fired the first salvo, saying Camping owes an apology to the public.

It's been confirmed that Camping did not rapture to heaven as he had predicted. Nor did around 200 million people from across the world -- the selected believers whose time had come to be reunited with Jesus Christ.

Harold Camping is at his Oakland home, and his wife has said the preacher is healthy and safe. A board member of Camping's Family Radio International cited Camping as saying that the preacher would issue a statement on the mother of all goof-ups.

Camping's wife said her husband was "somewhat bewildered" and "mystified" after his prediction proved a dud, said Tom Evans, who belongs to the inner circle of Camping followers.

Earlier, IB Times had reported that the false prophet would make a public statement on Monday in a “public forum” explaining why he had predicted May 21, 2011 as the Judgment Day and why it had failed. Read More

Note; While the world is waiting for a public statement, family radio is continuing with it's business like nothing has happened, just like Harold Camping managed to Brush the 1994 failed prediction under the pile of Donations. Family Radio is back with a nice big golden DONATIONS Button on the left on its's front page, business goes on.

What they seem to have failed to cover is the Loyal Followers that gave up their jobs and their life Savings waiting for the end of the world. Did Harold Camping not watch the utter destroyed look on some of his followers faces as they realized the world had not ended? does he care?

The most shocking part is that these poor people are blaming themselves, "we haven’t proved ourselves" or "we must of done something wrong" whilst these people who have handed everything over to this False Prophet, Harold Camping hid away in his House, his company removed all regarding 21st May from the website and carried on like nothing has happened.