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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ilya Iglanov, shoots business partner 'Semyon Levin' and his wife, 'Marina Tartakovskaya' before being killed by police marksmen - 19th May 2011

A gunman shot dead his business partner and injured his wife because he thought he had been cut out of a lucrative patent deal, it was claimed today.

Ilya Iglanov, 48, called at the house of business associate Semyon Levin, 52, before shooting him in the kitchen of his Staten Island home.

He then shot Mr Levin's wife Marina Tartakovskaya in the stomach before police arrived at the scene and shot him dead in the couple's basement.

The gunman had arrived at the couple's home at 12.30pm yesterday, having convinced them to talk to him about his business complaint.

The pair ran a company manufacturing military-grade flashlights. Iglanov was convinced he they had cheated him out of savings and cut him out of a lucrative flashlight patent.

Once invited into the couple's kitchen, Iglanov pulled out the semi-automatic pistol and opened fire on Tartakovskaya before shooting Levin in the head.

As Mr Levin fell to the floor by a refrigerator, Mrs Tartakovskaya crawled to a side door and managed to alert 68-year-old neighbour Joe Shwereb to call 911. Read More