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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Huge blaze engulfs TriTech Lubricants factory, an oil manufacturing plant in Melbourne's southeast. - 19th May 2011

FIREFIGHTERS were last night battling to control a massive fire at a Dandenong South factory that contained about 800,000 litres of flammable lubricants.

CFA operations officer Arthur Haynes said the 20 metre by 40 metre fire at TriTech Lubricants started about 8pm and had threatened nearby factories.

About 20 fire trucks were at the scene, along with air support, as flames destroyed the Williams Road factory.

Mr Haynes said fire authorities had been trying to contain the blaze, but faced a problem over when to extinguish it. The huge fuel load meant attempting to douse the flames in foam could prove unsuccessful.

No injuries had been reported. Residents in surrounding suburbs were told to stay indoors.

The cause of the fire had not been determined last night.

Mr Haynes said the fire had ruptured several 50,000 litre tanks of oil. An MFB spokesman said support had been provided to the CFA. Source