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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Horse Walks into a Bar, Bartender asks: "why the long face" - 19th May 2011

After stunning railway staff by trying to get his horse on a train, it emerged today that it wasn't the first time its owner had treated him like one of the family.

Remarkably he had taken the animal into a pub for a drink and, after being told to leave, took it back 24 hours later only to be turned again.

And when he tried to go with the animal see a doctor in an Accident and Emergency department he was again asked to get out - despite protesting that it was 'sick'.

Today RSPCA officials confirmed they had launched an investigation after being shown the bizarre images.

Retired teacher George Cawley, 62, said he was amazed when the man led his pony into the crowded bar in Wrexham, North Wales.

Mr Cawley said: 'It was a crazy scene which caused uproar among customers. I was there with my wife and this guy just walked in with his pony in a very matter of fact way.

'But I must say the pony seemed relaxed and undistracted. Perhaps it is used to going into strange places.'

Pub staff at the Elihu Yale bar in Wrexham asked the man - and pony - to get out.

A spokesman for Weatherspoon's said: 'On Friday the man did come into the pub while staff were serving other customers. Initially they were taken aback by seeing a horse but after about 20 seconds they told him to leave.

'On Saturday he tried to come in again with the horse but was stopped at the door. He was told he could not come in which he accepted.'

But it was later seen tied up outside another pub in the town centre on its tour in Wrexham.

The horse was taken into the A&E department where the man had asked for treatment for the animal from doctor. Read More