Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Haunting new images reveal theme park devastated by Hurricane Katrina... and left abandoned ever since - 31st May 2011

New Orleans has made a remarkable recovery since the city was devastated by flooding during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

But now stunning new images have emerged which show how one part of the Big Easy has yet to be revived - its Six Flags theme park.

The haunting photographs, taken over the last six years, reveal an almost post-apocalyptic landscape dominated by twisted and corroded rides, now silent forever.

Graffiti covers many of the buildings, welcoming visitors to 'Zombieland' - a fitting name for the eerie park, which has been completely abandoned.

A smashed-up clowns head lies abandoned on the floor, while most of the rides have been left for the weeds to colonise.

When the flooding hit, Six Flags, in a low-lying area towards the east of the city, was submerged in up to seven feet of water, which wasn't drained for almost a month.

The combination of sea and river water corroded most of the rides, damaging them beyond repair. According to a report at the time, 80 per cent of the buildings were completely destroyed. Read More