Monday, May 9, 2011

Gulf Fish Plague alarms scientists - 8th May 2011

Safe Gulf Seafood?

Gulf seafood, an array of Gulf fish including the prized Gulf red snapper, are not looking very "safe" to scientists today. Skin lesions, fin rot, spots, liver blood clots and other health problems found in an "unusual number" of Gulf fish are alarming scientists according to a report released Saturday in the Pensacola News Journal (PNJ), debunking the "Safe Gulf Seafood Myth" again

'Far from where humans can observe'

Not observable to most people, and without warning on BP advertisement campaign, is sick and dead Gulf seafood that Gulf Coast residents have been alerting the public about for a year. They now have Director of the University of West Florida Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation, Richard Snyder saying the findings are a "huge red flag."

"It seems abnormal, and anything we see out of the ordinary we'll try to investigate."

Snyder's colleague, UWF biologist William Patterson III said, "I've had tens of thousands of fish in my hands and not seen these symptoms in so many fish before."

PNJ asks, "Are the illnesses related to the BP oil spill, the cold winter or something else?" Source