Tuesday, May 31, 2011

European Commission PAYS 2.7 Million EUROS to Belgium Cucumber Farms for Loss of earnings, What about Holland and Spain?

Cucumber Farmers in Belgium have received a 2.75 Million Euros Payout because of loss of Earnings Due to the E.Coli Disaster. The Flemish Minister Kris Peeters has confirmed that the Payout was authorised by the European Commission Tuesday 31st May 2011.

The Fee is calculated at 2.4 Cents per Kilo of Cucumbers. Meanwhile they sought compensation for 660.000 Kilos, "If the situation persists, the 2.75 Million Euros is not enough" said Peeters, in this Case we will just ask Europe to FREE up extra Money.

Peeters went on to Accuse Germany of poor Communication and that they are resposible for much of the damage caused to the Flemish (Belgium) Vegitable Industry. Not so Long ago we experienced a similar crisis in the Pig Industry when the problem came from Germany.

Earlier The Netherlands was promised 10 million Euros to its Cucumber Farmers and Spain has also requested compensation for loss of earnings during this crisis.

I have translated this from a article which just appeared in the Dutch News - Please see original article here >>>>>>