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Monday, May 9, 2011

Elzie Warren, 70, and 54-year-old Phyllis Ridings die in plane wreck... four years after they narrowly escaped death in air crash - 9th May 2011

A father and daughter who only just escaped death four years ago when they suffered a plane wreck have now tragically died in another air crash.

Elzie Warren, 70, and 54-year-old Phyllis Ridings were on their way to the Central Texas Airshow in Temple when they noticed smoke in the cockpit and the plane crashed.

They had only just taken off in their single-engine Ravin 500 plane when, a minute later, there were problems and the aircraft exploded near to Montgomery Country Airpark near Conroe.

According to Federal Aviation Administration reports, the aircraft crashed and blew up while trying to make it back to the airport.

FAA investigators will work with National Transportation Safety Board staff to determine the reason for Saturday morning's crash.

Erik Burse from the Department of Public Safety told Chron, in Houston, Texas: 'They requested an emergency landing and turned the aeroplane around.

'They tried to make it back to the runway, but crashed at 8.55am.'

The Ravin 500 kit plane crashed in a heavily wooded area and to reach the wreckage local firefighters and the Texas Forestry Service had to bulldoze a path, Mr Burse said.

Friend of the family John McFarling said: 'He put it down the best place he could.

'A good pilot like Bud kept it out of somebody's house. He did exactly what he was supposed to.' Read More