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Monday, May 23, 2011

Did high voltage cable under the seabed confuse tragic pilot whales? - 23rd May 2011

A pod of 60 whales that have disappeared from a loch in the Outer Hebrides could have lost their way after becoming confused by a high voltage power cable under the sea.

Rescuers said they are looking into the theory that their navigation may have been affected by the magnetic field emitted by the cable that runs from Loch Carnan, where the whales were found, to the mainland.

Last night hopes for the pod were fading especially after two of the pilot whales have already been found dead in South Uist.

During their four-day stay the whales were most commonly seen off the Scottish and Southern Energy power station on the shore of Loch Carnan.

How they came to end up there is being investigated by the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR).

At the end of October last year, a large pod of pilot whales almost got stranded in the same sea loch. Less than a week later, 33 whales, believed to be the same group, were found dead on a beach in Co Donegal in Ireland.

On Sunday the body of a second pilot whale was found dead on an islet in Loch Carnan. It was unable to be recovered today because of bad weather.

Tests on the body of the first whale found suggested that the female died from disease, not because it was stranded on rocks. Read More