Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Claudia Millan, 28, Shot in The Face as she clutched her two-year-old son’s hand - 31st May 2011

A Bronx mother was fatally shot in the head as she clutched her two-year-old son’s hand, police have revealed.

Claudia Millan, 28, was walking back to her apartment in East Tremont from a convenience store on Sunday night when she was shot in the face.

Neighbour Edith Rivera she heard the shot and ran out to find her on the pavement next to her youngest son Jahmere.

‘She was holding his hand, said Mrs Rivera, 57, who had been babysitting Mrs Millan’s other three children at the time.

‘She was a good mother. She’s about her kids,’ she told the Daily News.

Michael Escobar, 50, said he quickly pulled the boy away from his dying mother.

‘He was down on his knees trying to hold her,’ he told the Daily News.

‘She was bleeding out of her head. I tried to stop it. I just couldn't.’

Mrs Millan leaves an 11-year-old son, who is blind, an eight-year-old daughter, a seven-year-old son and the two-year old.

Family members said the toddler keeps crying for his mother and re-enacting the horrific shooting.

‘Mrs Millan’s sister-in-law told the Daily News: ‘He keeps saying “Mommy, mommy!” and pointing to his face where she got shot.’

Mrs Millan was taken to St Barnabas hospital at the shooting, but could not be saved. Police have not made any arrests.

She was shot at around 10:30pm on Park Avenue between 178th and 179th streets.

Neighbours said the family moved from Florida to the area three years ago. Source