Today's Coming Crisis Movie

Thursday, May 19, 2011

China The Video Game Enemy Now… And Our Real Enemy in the Future?

I stated on Jan 1st in Doom is Always 6 Months Away, that I believe that our psychopathic Elite will blame China for the collapse of the dollar. It did not take long for Donald Trump to float that trial balloon that China is, “our enemy.” I pointed out that the real enemy is not China, Saudi Arabia or any other foreign nation. These countries would have been 3rd world stink holes if not for our Elite building them up, while stripping us down.
  • The Elite created the Petro Dollar.
  • The Elite defend the tyrannical regimes in the Middle East.
  • The Elite gave China most favored trade nation status.
  • The Elite shipped our manufacturing over there to use their slave labor and no environmental standards.
  • The Elite created the debt that they are buying.
  • The Elite are solely responsible for the debt and wars that plague our country.

The Elite will never take responsibility for their actions, like true Psychopaths. They will instead blame everyone else in the world for their/our problems. Ultimately, I believe that they will blame China for the collapse of the American Dollar. They could pull a economic false flag and blame China for a crash in the bond market. They could pull a military false flag by sinking an Aircraft carrier in the Pacific. Some way, some how, the Elite are going to make a move to turn the tides for global power back to the West.

China has been very wise not to directly confront the West. China has a very bad history of nations raping China for all of their wealth like the Opium Wars and the Rape of Nanking. China has instead chose to move slowly and surely to ensure victory without firing a single shot. This is the land of Sun Tzu after all. They have accumulated massive dollar reserves, copied our technology and manufacturing. With the opening of the new Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange they are taking the next major step of cutting into the heart of the Anglo American Empire, the dollar stranglehold on the world’s commodities. This will not sit well with the Western Elite and will not go unchallenged. (read more)