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Monday, May 23, 2011

Catherine Hurd, Wife of top British diplomat plunges four storeys to her death from luxury New York apartment - 23rd May 2011

The wife of a top British diplomat has plunged four storeys to her death from the roof of her New York home.

Mystery surrounds the circumstances of Catherine Hurd’s death, just a week before she and her family were due to return to Britain.

The mother of five was married to diplomat Thomas Hurd, the son of Conservative veteran and former British Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd, 81, now Lord Hurd of Westwell.

Mrs Hurd was found in the early hours of the Saturday morning near her home close to the United Nations building.

Her husband Thomas is a Middle East expert working with the UN Security Council.

Mrs Hurd, 46, was rushed to hospital by paramedics.

A police spokesman said she was ‘unresponsive with severe trauma’ and was pronounced dead at Cornell Medical Centre.

Police in New York are not treating her death as suspicious and believe she committed suicide.

They said no note was found.

'There is no suspicion of criminality at this time,' said a spokesman for New York Police.

Mrs Hurd lived in a family home on E84th Street in New York's fashionable Upper East Side. The building is listed as being rented at $15,000 a month.

Her husband Thomas, 45 is a expert on the Middle East and a member of the UK team attached to the United Nations Security team.

A former investment banker, he studied Middle East Affairs at Oxford University and has been in New York for several years where his official position is a political counsellor. Read More