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Monday, May 23, 2011

Brendon Flynn, 13 A Cadet kills himself despite mother's repeated warnings of 'bully who threatened to kill him' - 23rd May 2011

A marine cadet found hanged after allegedly being bullied at school would still be alive if his family’s concerns had been listened to, it has been claimed.

Brendon Flynn, 13, took his own life after reports of a campaign of abuse, where he had his bike stolen and was threatened by another teen with a knife.

Yesterday his grieving mother Marie confirmed she had lodged a formal complaint against her local council and mental health chiefs and said: ‘He didn’t kill himself, they killed him.’

Brendon was a pupil at Huyton Arts and Sports Centre for Learning in Merseyside, where it is claimed he was subjected to a ‘campaign of hate’ by one particular bully.

Mrs Flynn, 33, said: ‘Over the years, I have been verbally abused by this lad, followed, my windows pelted with stones. He robbed my son’s bike, threatened to kill him and got him beaten up.'

Revealing how the schoolboy was attacked on his birthday, just weeks before he died on April 4, she added: ‘He [Brendon] texted me to say he had been punched in the chest. I told him to go and tell a teacher but he said 'They won’t believe me, they never do'.’

The school insisted it had no record that Brendon was being bullied.

But Merseyside Police confirmed it investigated a complaint that Brendon was confronted and threatened with a knife in July last year.

The force concluded there was ‘no evidence’ that the fellow pupil involved in the incident had been armed. Read More