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Monday, May 23, 2011

America’s next disaster: Multiple floods in Western states as monster snowpacks melt - 23rd May 2011

It's been one long series of natural disasters this year - and now it looks like another is on the way.

The focus may soon be shifting from the epic flooding in the Mississippi Valley to Westwern states where enormous winter snows have piled up on mountain ranges.

More than 90 sites from Montana to New Mexico and California to Colorado have record snowpack totals on the ground for late May.

This has been caused by a winter marked by blizzard and an unusually cold and wet spring.

Now there is a very real fear of localised flooding at those sites as the snowpacks melt under hotter, sunnier conditions in June.

A sudden thaw could mean millions of gallons of water rushing through river channels and narrow canyons.

Bob Struble, the director of emergency management for Routt County in north central Colorado, said: 'This could be a year to remember.

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