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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Neil Lennon, Target - 'Two more letter bombs in the post' after Celtic manager Neil Lennon sent viable explosives - 21st Apr 2011

(IMAGE: Target: This crude mock up of Celtic boss Neil Lennon riddled with bullets was posted on Facebook)

Detectives believe there are two more letter bombs in the post after Celtic manager Neil Lennon was sent a device intended to maim or kill him.

The further devices are somewhere in the Scottish postal system, according to officers who talked to Sky News.

It raises fears that there could yet be injuries or deaths in the hate campaign which has already seen 'viable' explosives sent to Lennon, high profile lawyer and Celtic supporter Paul McBride and politician Trish Godman.

All the bombs were intercepted before they reached their targets.

But they have still refocused attention on the problem of sectarianism in Scottish football.

The fierce rivalry between Glasgow's Celtic, whose support is drawn heavily but not exclusively from Catholics, and Rangers - who have a vocal protestant following.

The leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland also told today how he was sent bullets in the post before the papal visit last year.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien said he received the coded death threat at his home in Edinburgh in September last year.

The senders claimed to be from the Protestant Action Group - an old cover name for the hardline Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), the Daily record reported. Read More