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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sorry, A&E is heaving: What paramedics 'told dying woman after refusing to take her to hospital' - 14th Apr 2011

An ambulance crew allegedly refused to take a dying woman to hospital because they felt local accident and emergency departments were too busy, a coroner heard today.

Janet Kent's family GP told how she had sent the paramedics to her address but they did not take her to hospital - she died hours later.

Dr Anita Briden told an inquest a senior paramedic told her 66-year-old Mrs Kent did not need to be admitted and that local A&E units were 'heaving'.

However, Robert Myall, an ambulance service clinical manager, denied the accusations, claiming instead that the GP had never asked or told him to transport Mrs Kent to hospital.

He also said he would never have used the term 'heaving'.

The inquest in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire heard how Mrs Kent, herself a former hospital surgical sister, had visited the doctor's surgery on June 21 last year, complaining of a sore throat and nausea. Read More