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Friday, April 22, 2011

Riot police bombarded and Tesco petrol-bombed as 160 officers swoop on house to arrest FOUR squatters - 22nd Apr 2011

A full-scale riot broke out on the streets of Bristol leaving eight police officers injured after an operation to arrest just four squatters dramatically escalated.

Around 160 officers in riot gear swooped on a house in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol at around 9.15pm last night to arrest four people they said were 'a real threat to the local community'.

The police targets were staying in a a three-storey building opposite a Tesco store and officers made their move after a court order was issued for their removal.

But the operation ignited local unrest over the opening of a new tesco store and for seven hours police fought running battles with more than 300 protesters, who dug up cobbles from the road surface to hurl at officers.

Video of the footage shows rioters attacking a police vehicle as well as the branch of Tesco Metro on Cheltenham Road with weapons.

The Tesco, which had opened six days ago, was later petrol-bombed and tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused.

Riot vans and police dogs were quickly despatched to the scene, with 66 officers drafted in from neighbouring forces. Read More